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What's In A Name? Yahweh... His Personal Name

A pastor’s four year old son asked about God’s name.  The pastor explained God had many names.  He gave a detailed explanation about “Father,” “Lord,” and “Jehovah.”  After being enlightened, at length, about God’s names, the boy asked, “Can I just call him Steve?”
This Sunday at WCC we begin a new series… “What’s In A Name?”  We will be looking at 4 Hebrew names of God over the next few Sundays.  Hopefully I won’t bore you with insignificant details!!!  And, hopefully you will better understand God and how He relates to us.  My prayer is that we will be moved to worship him more completely and more fully… we will discover that there is a lot of significance in each of His names.  This Sunday we look at the name “Yahweh”… His Personal Name.
I am excited to see you Sunday!
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!”

Resurrecting Me... To Joy!

This Sunday we celebrate the most significant day of the entire year!  It is a day of celebration!  On Easter we are filled with joy because of…. 1) the hope that Jesus’ resurrection inspires…, and 2)  the possibility of living life to the fullest.  Easter Sunday, God is telling us that His blessings and His love are ours… good and even great days are now possible for us, with the best of days still to come in heaven.
What is Easter?  Easter is power… the power of God released which raised a dead son after He had been in the grave 3 days.  On many gravestones we read the inscription, “Here lies…”  But on Christ’s tomb are the words, “He is not here.”  We celebrate… Christ rose from the dead and the resurrection power of God is still being unleashed today… He is resurrecting people from despair, pain, and confusion… to joy!
I am so excited to celebrate His resurrection, with you!  I remind you of Sunday’s schedule:
                        No Sunday School classes will be meeting this Sunday
                        There will be “Meet & Greet” time at 10:00 A.M. (coffee and donuts)
                        Our celebration service begins at 10:30
                        Our children will participate in a special Easter Egg Hunt following the service
You will want to be on time for this special service… several WCC family members will be baptized at the beginning of the 10:30 service… together let’s share in this special time with these adults and children who visibly express the fact that they have been raised to new life, through the power of our resurrected Lord.
One last thing… since we will have Easter guests with us, I encourage many of you to park in the rear parking lot.  This will free up space in the front parking lot for our Easter visitors.
Invite someone to join you in attending our special Easter celebration.
Pastor Tracy
“Overhwelming Grace Keep You!”
According to our nation's Bureau of Standards, a dense fog covering seven city blocks to a depth of a hundred feet contains less than one glass of water. All of that fog, if it could be condensed into water, wouldn't quite fill a drinking glass.
As I was thinking about that I also thought about how confusion sometimes “fogs” our minds.  Confusion comes when life circumstances don’t turn out the way we envisioned them.  Confusion blocks our vision of the light and truth and reality of God’s activity in the midst of those unforeseen circumstances.
This Sunday at WCC, our topic is:  “Resurrecting Me… From Confusion.”  I will share a truth that can give us a light at the end of the tunnel.  If you want the fog of confusion to dissipate, you will want to implement this truth in your life!
I am excited to see you Sunday!
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!”

Resurrecting Me... From Pain!

This is an exciting weekend at WCC!  Saturday evening is our Fin, Feather, Fur - Wild Game Dinner.  Along with some great food there will be door prizes and an auction.  More tickets have been made available… there is still room for you, if you have not bought your tickets yet.  You can buy them at the door.
Don’t forget… Saturday evening… be sure to set your clock ahead one hour… spring forward!
Sunday morning we continue our series, “Resurrecting Me…”  Last Sunday we concluded our service, praying for those who were hoping to be resurrected from despair.  This Sunday we will have special prayer for those hoping to be resurrected from pain in your life. 
Sunday’s message is titled, “Resurrecting Me… From Pain.”  As I was reading this week, I came across a quote from author Tim Keller (Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering).  Here’s his quote:  “Suffering is unbearable if you aren’t certain that God is for you and with you.”
Sunday’s message will affirm that God is with you in your suffering… We will look at Mark 14 and see that Jesus gave us an example to follow that will help us endure our personal pain.  Following his example can make our suffering bearable!
I am excited to share God’s good news with you!  See you this weekend.
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!”

Resurrecting Me... From Despair

I remember it well.  It was a year after Alyssa, our youngest daughter was born.  In October 1987, 18 month old Jessica McClure of Midland, Texas fell down an abandoned well. She was found on a ledge 22 feet below the surface. There she was, crying for her mother, in the cold darkness of this well. I found myself questioning… what if that was my daughter down there?
Her desperate situation captured the attention of the entire nation. The people of the town gathered to rescue her. Hour after hour for two and a half days they worked. Federal Express, from Memphis, flew a special drill bit to aid in the rescue. I remember the anguish of waiting… praying… hoping.  Finally, the special news announcement broke into regular TV programming to show the dramatic pictures. Anyone who did not have a tear in their eye when that little child was pulled out of that well has no heart. Saved, thank God, she was saved! 

While that incident was several years ago, and far away, we all experience desperate situations today… they may feel like pits from which we have no hope of escaping.  
This Sunday at WCC our topic is “Resurrecting Me… From Despair.”  We will look at a bible story that will help us know that Jesus cares, and that he is with us, and he will ultimately rescue us from despair!
Invite someone to come with you!
I look forward to seeing you!
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep you!”

Rekindle... Love For The Church!

Here’s some interesting information about a sea creature… There is a marine creature called a limpet. It lives in a conical shell.  It clings tenaciously to rocks and coral in the ocean. When they need to resist strong wave action or other disturbances, limpets cling extremely strongly to a hard surface… they use their muscular foot to apply suction, and they secrete an effective adhesive.   Marine biologists tell us it is very difficult to remove a limpet from a surface with injuring it or killing it.
After reading that, my thought was… wouldn’t it be a great thing if Jesus’ followers would cling to his church in the same way that a limpet clings to coral?  Wouldn’t it be impressive if we, his followers, loved his church so much that we would show our love by attaching ourselves completely to it?  
The topic at WCC this Sunday is… “Rekindling… Love For The Church!”  We will look at Matthew 14:13-21.   You will hear tangible suggestions that can help you renew your love.
I am excited to see you!
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!” 

ReKindle... Love For Others!

When he played for the Washington Redskins, Time magazine printed a photograph of the back of NFL quarterback Jeff George... his helmet was off, revealing his white-skinned neck and big bald spot.  Sitting on the bench on either side were two African-American teammates, each with a supportive hand on his shoulder.

The caption read, "What counts most in creating a successful team is not how compatible its players are, but how they deal with incompatibility."

This Sunday at WCC our topic will be… “Rekindle Love For Others.”  The message will help us understand how to deal with incompatibility with others... you will hear about humble, gentle, patient love.

During this Lenten season we are being reminded of what it is like to love like Jesus!

I am excited to see you Sunday!
Pastor Tracy

Rekindle... Love For Your Spouse

Love is patient, love is kind…   1 Corinthians 13:4
I like the way J.B. Philips translated that verse.  Philips translated “love is kind,” this way:  “This love of which I speak… it looks for a way of being constructive.
This Sunday at WCC our topic is “Rekindle… Love For Your Spouse.”  One thing you will hear from the message is this… infusing kindness into your relationship will light a spark; failing to be kind is a sure way to extinguish love.  Sunday, you will hear practical suggestions about showing kindness to your spouse… you will leave with ideas about constructive ways to relight your love.
Don’t forget… Sunday is Valentine’s Day!  Get that card and gift for your spouse, soon!
I look forward to seeing you Sunday.
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!   

Rekindle... Love For God

Romans 12:11 tells us…  “never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”  If this verse is telling us to keep our zeal, then it is acknowledging that we can loose our passion.

I’ve been there… there have been seasons when my passion was lacking.  Most of the time my heart is for God.  I would not intentionally commit some terrible sin or make a conscious decision to move God to the backseat.  But there have been times I have looked at my life and realized that my zeal, my fervor (my passion) wasn’t what it used to be… have you been there, too?  At times like that, when our passion for God is not as strong as it used to be, what should we do to get it back?

This Sunday at WCC, scripture will answer that question.  We begin a new series, titled, “Rekindle.”  This weekend’s message will help us… “Rekindle… Our Love For God!”

I look forward to seeing you!

Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!”

Still Feeling Guilty?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an English writer, created the character Sherlock Holmes.  I read that he decided to play a practical joke on 12 of his best friends.  He sent each of them a telegram.  The telegram read: “Flee at once… all is discovered.”  Within twenty four hours, all twelve men fled the country.  Evidently all of them felt guilty about something. 
Guilt is a powerful force. Guilt can be excruciating, suffocating, debilitating.   Maybe the worst trip you will ever take is a guilt trip! 
This Sunday at WCC I will tell you “How To Clear Your Conscience.”  You will hear how to get off your guilt trip.  You will hear what to do when you thought you had everything settled… but guilt still plagues you.  Sunday’s message is titled, “Still Feeling Guilty?”
If you know someone who suffers from excessive guilt, invite them to come with you.  Sunday could change their life!
See you Sunday!
Pastor Tracy
“Overwhelming Grace Keep You!”
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